Hard Floor Tool

Hard Floor Tool

Flexi Crevice Tool

Flexi Crevice Tool

Multi Angle Tool

The innovative Multi Angle Tool makes hard to reach, easy to clean. With its fine bristles, easy adjustability and large suction area, the tool is designed to deliver optimum cleaning results on surfaces like the tops of units, ledges and wardrobes.

For use with any Henry, Hetty, Harry, James, George or Charles but is intended for dry use only.

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Make Hard to Reach, Easy to Clean

The innovative Multi Angle Tool makes hard-to-reach a thing of the past. With its soft brush, easy adjustability and large suction area, it delivers optimum cleaning results on hard-to-reach surfaces, like the tops of wardrobes, shelves and bannisters… while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

Made for Henry, by Henry

Designed especially for Henry, the Multi Angle Tool is the perfect fit, ensuring the very best cleaning results. The Multi Angle Tool will fit any of the Henry Family, but is for dry use only.

A Genuine Henry Accessory

Look out for the logo to make sure you’re getting a Genuine Henry Accessory, from the UK’s most reliable vacuum brand.

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