Henry TriTex Filter (160 Drum)

Henry TriTex Filter (160 Drum)

5 Piece Kit

5 Piece Kit

Henry TriTex Filter (180-370 Drum)

Henry’s high-efficiency, TriTex filter system provides enhanced filtration, meaning what goes in, stays in. 

Fits Henry 200, Hetty 200, Harry, James, Charles & George
Not sure which size is right for Henry or one of Henry's friends? The label under the handle (on Henry, Hetty or Harry) or on the rear of your machine (James, Charles & George) will contain the model number. This filter will fit machines including "180," "200," "240" or "370" in their number.

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What Goes in, Stays in

High-efficiency, triple-layer, TriTex Filter provides enhanced filtration, meaning what goes in, stays in.

Made for Henry, by Henry

Designed especially for Henry, ensuring the very best and most efficient cleaning results. Available in 2 different sizes – visit www.myhenry.co.uk/support to ensure you purchase the correct size filter for your machine.

A Genuine Henry Accessory

Look out for the logo to make sure you’re getting a Genuine Henry Accessory, from the UK’s most reliable vacuum brand.

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