We love nothing more than hearing from Henry’s fans, so when we found out Henry collector Ryan was tying the knot with girlfriend Chloe, we had a little something up our sleeves…

Ryan has been collecting Henrys since the age of 6 and now has a whopping collection of over 300 vacuum cleaners, including our limited edition Bertie, Basil, John, Lewis and Jack!

Ryan's collection contains over 300 vacuum cleaners!

Well, being such a big Henry fan, we thought Ryan should add an extra special Henry and Hetty to his collection in celebration of the couple’s special day. But we didn’t want to give them any old Henry and Hetty, oh no, we wanted to give them something a little more personal.

So, we got to work to make the couple their very own Ryan and Chloe vacuums.

It was a pleasure to present the couple with their namesakes and the colourful pair even made it to the big day!

 A Happy Pair for the Happy Couple

Vacuums! At The Disco

Speaking about his collection, Ryan said:

“I have always liked the design of Henry vacuums because of the build quality of the machines and tool kits, making them perfect for commercial and domestic use. I will always want to collect Henry vacuums with their smiling faces.”

Does Henry have a special place in your family? Let us know by emailing myhenry@numatic.co.uk